EVERY contribution makes a difference. Utsho Bangladesh is a non-profit organization funded through individual donations and grants from members of affluent families in Bangladesh. Without their support, the program could not survive and grow. Your support is vital to the sustainability and growth of Utsho Bangladesh. There are a number of ways to contribute, from donating money to equipment, used computers, and your time.

One Time Donation

Make a One Time Donation (and select a thank you gift as a token of our appreciation)

Monthly Donation

Make a Monthly Donation (with a recurring automatic payment from your credit card or paypal account.)

Sponsor a Student

You can sponsor a student from the beginning to the end of his or her education in Utsho. Click here to download Sponsor form. Please fill it up and send to us either via email / postal mail or at our office.


We would really appreciate if you would consider donating your zakat to Utsho in order to fulfill the basic needs of the children of Utsho.

Donate Services and Products from your Business

Let us know what you can offer, either for free or at an amazing discount. Donate in Honor of a Special Occasion or in Memory of a Beloved. You can donate or provide a lunch or dinner in honor or in memory of someone else. For example: Birthday, Marriage, Outstanding result of your children, Death anniversary etc.

Donate Your Old Car!

Support Utsho Bangladesh with a vehicle donation! If you would like to replace your car with a new one you can easily donate it to the children of Utsho! We will mention your name by printing it in the side of the car.