Marufa Aktar Adhora
I am Marufa Aktar Adhora. I am a first girl. I came to Utsho when I am very young. I was not able eat, wash or do any daily activities on my own. I grew up and now I can easily look after 10 children, cook and clean the house by myself. I love Utsho. It is like my mother. I have got 3 main important lessons from Utsho. Which I think should be practiced by all human being. They are: 1. be honest, 2. be responsible, and 3. be a hard working person. I will be heartbreaking for me to leave Utsho. But I have to go one day. I have got so many good friends here. I want to help Utsho when I will established in life.

Class 6
I am Lucky. I am a 6th grade student. My roll number is 3. I came to Utsho Bidyaniketon in 2003. I came here to learn. Utsho Bidyaniketon is the first school in my life. I never went to any school before. I have learned so many things after coming here. I want to be a teacher and singer when I will grow up. I don’t like so many things but at the same time like to do so many other things. Here we carry out meditation regularly which I like. My well being will be ensured by it. I have learned to singing and dancing here.

Israat Jahan Kona
Class 5
I am a student of Utsho Bidyaniketon. I came here in January 2005.I remember it was a Saturday morning. As soon as I started I felt confident. I felt like I can achieve something, I will be able to do something! I have learned so many things. I did not know how to cook rice but in the hostel I cooked it by myself. I didn’t get sacred at all. I want to say that I might be poor but I am a human being. I am alive in this society because I believe in it.

Besides my normal study I have learned so many social/ life skills here in Utsho. Now I know how to cook, how to wash my clothes, even I know how to look after a young child. I am confident enough that if I have got any brother or sister now then I can easily look after them without the help of others. My parents want me to be a famous singer one day. I also have the same dream. I dreamt that my song is playing every channel in television and radios all over the country. And my beloved Utsho Bidyaniketon is giving me this opportunity. I am trying my best to become a singer.


Fatema Aktar
Class 5
I am Fatema Aktar, studying at 5th grade at Utsho Bidyaniketon. I am a first girl in the class. I came here in 1999. I am here from my childhood. Utsho help me to get education. Without the help of Utsho I might never have this opportunity. Because of Utsho I have learned to dream about my future. I might not gain education or other skills like dancing, singing ever if I have stayed back at home.