Many people have shown an interest to build a better world through helping Utsho. There are many ways for you to become a part of Utsho Bangladesh and the children.

Join an Event

Utsho has been organizing various fund raising events/cultural activities such as fashion shows, dinner with dance, concerts where renowned singers in Bangladesh participated to help raise funding. Utsho advertises these events in the daily newspapers. You can also get updated information about upcoming events in our website. We encourage you to come and join these events.

Shop at Utsho’s café and Garage sale

Utsho has been running two stalls/kiosks since May 2010 in collaboration with International Organization for Migration IOM called Café Mukti. One of the stalls is located in Secretariat and the other one is in the Department of Women’s Affairs. IOM has provided the structures of the outlet and Utsho has been running the kiosks without any outside financial support. Your purchases create opportunities to earn funding that pays for food, education and healthcare for the children.
Utsho also organizes ‘Garage sale’ with belongings that are no longer needed by private individuals. We collect these and organize sales for the lower income group of people. It is organized quarterly. We deeply appreciate your involvement by giving the things that you do not need anymore.


Utsho encourages people from all walks of life to volunteer in various activities within the organization. With this vision in mind Utsho has created a volunteer group called ‘Prottasha Volunteers Association’. As part of the first phase of Utsho’s Prottasha project, it is an attempt to establish a dedicated Youth Volunteer Group and raise awareness of the problem and struggle faced by the underprivileged children in Bangladesh. Utsho held a number of seminars with South Breeze School, Aga Khan School, Scholastica, Sunbeams, Eden Girls College and Department of Public Administration and University of Dhaka.

Utsho also gains tremendous support from volunteers from overseas, such as Australia, Denmark etc. Utsho appreciates the noble support from the volunteers and seek more assistance and participation from well-wishers, professionals, teachers, students, housewives, neighbors and friends on the programs of Human Rights Advocacy, Income Generative Project, Fundraising, Cultural Awareness Programs and Teaching.


Spread the words

We need YOUR help to spread the word about Utsho Bangladesh. We rely on YOU to tell others about Utsho and help us grow.

Below are a number of ways to spread the word about us. If you have any questions or wish to share stories about your efforts to get the word out, email us at or call us on 9880708.

Banners and Signs: The corporations are all over our public spaces, you can help Utsho Bangladesh! Occupy some of them by placing ads in your local newspapers, on city buses, billboards, or by printing banners and making lawn signs.

Reprint our stories: Our copyright allows you to reprint our stories as long as you credit Utsho Bangladesh! You can put them in your college or local newspapers, club’s newsletters, or on a web site. You can also email them to friends.

Link to Utsho Bangladesh on your Web Site: Do you administer or have access to a website? You can download one of our web banners and put it on your site.

Send us your ideas and comments
Tell us what you think about utsho and also send us your suggestions. Email us at or call us on 9880708.